Healthcare Administrators

Need experienced staff to provide care for your patients this week?

Healthcare facilities are under tremendous pressure to meet the demand for quality patient care. On most days, your top priority is to make sure all your shifts are covered with trained healthcare professionals. But what happens when a shortage of healthcare workers and rising costs make it a challenge to achieve that goal? If you are looking for a solution, we are the concierge service for your healthcare staffing needs.

For Facilities

How we are different

At Royal Healthcare Staffing, we are sensitive to your needs as a healthcare facility administrator. We believe that, if you have dedicated your life to treating patients with care, you should be treated like the healthcare royalty you truly are.

We Match

We Match

To provide quality, dependable healthcare, we believe each facility needs to have quality, dependable staff. That’s why we match each healthcare worker with the appropriate facility based on their work experience and skill sets.

We Care

We Care

Not only do we care about quality, dependable healthcare, but we also care about each healthcare worker. We genuinely value and prioritize the well-being of every healthcare hero who joins our esteemed ranks.

We Train

We Train

Each one of our healthcare workers is trained on basic skills, including safety compliance, HIPAA and OSHA. This ensures that each facility is staffed with skilled professionals and each healthcare worker remains in compliance.

We Support

We Serve

We provide royal treatment for both healthcare facilities and workers, which means prescreening all facilities for financial stability, paying workers a timely, competitive wage and following up with every facility and worker on a weekly basis.

Our process for your royal treatment


Sign the contract so we can begin sending healthcare workers to your facility.


Keep to the terms agreed upon in the contract so that there are no interruptions in patient care.


Provide the training requirements your facility needs so we can get workers up to speed.

Get the royal treatment your healthcare facility deserves

Contact us today to find out how we can make sure your facility always has dependable, qualified healthcare professionals who put patients and care first.